Asian Dynamic
Positioning Conference 21 September 2016, Singapore

Asian Dynamic<br /> Positioning Conference

Why Attend

Development and operation of DP systems in the offshore oilfield & marine sectors

Why should you attend?

  • Get the latest update on the new schemes for DPO certification and competence assurance, its impact on cost and requirements imposed by oil and gas operators
  • Hear market trends, challenges and opportunities of current offshore projects that involve use of dynamic positioning
  • Find out what drilling and vessel operators should focus on now and in the near future in preparation for increased activity when the offshore market recovers
  • Hear from leading DP suppliers the latest equipment that is making DP systems more robust
  • Learn how new equipment can be integrated into an existing DP configuration and be able to improve workability
  • Be the first to know new concepts to reduce power on DP and the latest on use of batteries and other hybrid solutions
  • Find out trends in recent incidents, capturing and sharing of DP station keeping events, training and experience of DP personnel
  • Learn how to ensure quality FMEAs and trials
  • Know considerations to be taken when reactivating vessels after a period of lay-up 


You can view a selection of video interviews with speakers from our series of Dynamic Positioning events (inlcuding the 2015 Asian Dynamic Positioning conference) here


What last year's delegates had to say:

“Very good and quite informative”
Kevin O’Flaherty, C-MAR Group Asia

“Refresh on DP rules for training & EMEA”
James Li, C-MAR Group Asia

Surdiner Mahandwan, Kongsberg Maritime

“Its blasting my mind!!!”
A.Nik Ahmad, Satu Marin, Malaysia 

Head over to our Google+ and YouTube pages to see photos and videos of last year's Asian Dynamic Positioning conference.

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